Hurricane Sandy Relief Information

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York

12/11/12, Submitted by Monsignor Kevin Sullivan - Executive Director

Q 1:   What is the approximate dollar amount of donations and pledges that
          your organization has received to date in response to Hurricane Sandy?

A 1:    $2,500,000

Q 2:   Will these funds be used solely for Hurricane Sandy relief? If not,
          approximately what portion will be used for Hurricane Sandy relief and
          what other purposes will funds be used for?

A 2:    Yes

Q 3:   Approximately how much has your organization spent to date on Hurricane
          Sandy relief?

A 3:    $1,700,000

Q 4:   What services has your organization provided to those affected by Hurricane
          Sandy? What populations or geographical areas are being served by your
          organization in response to Hurricane Sandy? What services does it expect to
          provide in the future?

A 4:    Services
          Direct financial assistance
          Volunteers in neighborhoods canvassing homes
          Emergency meals
          Coordination of efforts among non-profits
          Donated goods distribution (cleaning supplies, etc.)
          Case management services
          NYC (Lower Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx & Hudson Valley)
          Future Services
          Case Management
          Volunteer Opportunities
          Financial Assistance
          Coordination of organizational efforts among responding agencies

Q 5:   Has your organization provided funding to other organizations for Hurricane
          Sandy relief efforts? If so, which organizations have received those funds
          and what is the approximate dollar amount provided to them? How does
          your organization determine the need for funding?

A 5:    No - Currently directly providing assistance

Q 6:   Has your organization provided, or does it intend to provide, direct financial
          assistance to individuals, families or businesses for Hurricane Sandy relief?
          If so, what is the approximate dollar amount that your organization
          has provided to date and approximately how much direct financial assistance
          does it expect to provide in the future? How does your organization
          determine the need for assistance?

A 6:    One of the major first initiatives was a "parish to parish" assistance program.
          Through the contributions of parishioners throughout the Archdiocese direct financial
          assistance was provided through the parish leadership in affected neighborhoods. We
          have assigned a caseworker to work with parish leadership to respond to community
          need. All our efforts have the basic principle of honoring donor intent to provide
          help to those impacted by Sandy and in a way that meets genuine needs. Through
          parishes located in affected areas and the lay leadership in those parishes - coupled
          with the support of trained social service staff, we monitor need and the provision of
          emergency assistance. Catholic Charities provides assistance to those of all religions.

Q 7:   Does your organization have a plan in place on how to use any surplus funds
          not spent for Hurricane Sandy relief? If so, please describe that plan.

A 7:    At this point, we do not anticipate having excess funds.

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