Hurricane Sandy Relief Information

Direct Relief International

12/14/10, Submitted by Jenny Hutain - Emergency Preparedness and Response Coordinator

Q 1:   What is the approximate dollar amount of donations and pledges that
          your organization has received to date in response to Hurricane Sandy?

A 1:    $1,722,438

Q 2:   Will these funds be used solely for Hurricane Sandy relief? If not,
          approximately what portion will be used for Hurricane Sandy relief and
          what other purposes will funds be used for?

A 2:    Yes, all funds will be used solely for Hurricane Sandy relief.

Q 3:   Approximately how much has your organization spent to date on Hurricane
          Sandy relief?

A 3:    $289,902

Q 4:   What services has your organization provided to those affected by Hurricane
          Sandy? What populations or geographical areas are being served by your
          organization in response to Hurricane Sandy? What services does it expect to
          provide in the future?

A 4:    Direct Relief has committed $1 million in cash and made its entire inventory of
          medications and supplies worth $25 million available for Sandy relief.
          Direct Relief is providing medicines, medical supplies, and personal care items to
          health facilities and organizations that serve people affected by the storm and most
          vulnerable to its effects in Haiti, and in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. As
          part of Direct Reliefs Hurricane Preparedness Program, essential medicine and medical
          supplies were already pre-positioned in Haiti and in the United States. To date,
          Direct Relief has provided an additional 34 emergency deliveries of medicines and
          supplies valued at $760,000 and weighing over 26,000 lbs. to 19 safety-net health
          centers and clinics in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Shipments have
          included Tdap vaccine, nutritionals, respiratory supplies, and diabetes medications
          and supplies (including insulin, test strips, meters, and glucose tablets).
          Direct Relief has also joined with the National Association of Community Health
          Centers (NACHC) and established a special fund to support the patients of nonprofit
          health centers and clinics in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. ( amounts contributed
          this fund are included in the numbers in Section 1 above) To date, $250,000 has been
          granted to The Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center network of clinics in New York,
          New York, to support three clinics in Red Hook and the Rockaways. As the needs become
          clearer and with input from NACHC and the State Primary Care Associations, further
          grants to nonprofit clinics and health centers are planned in the first quarter of
          Direct Relief, the only U.S. nonprofit organization licensed to distribute
          prescription medications in all 50 states, has been supporting health providers in
          Haiti since 1964 and in New York and New Jersey since 2007.

Q 5:   Has your organization provided funding to other organizations for Hurricane
          Sandy relief efforts? If so, which organizations have received those funds
          and what is the approximate dollar amount provided to them? How does
          your organization determine the need for funding?

A 5:    The Joseph P. Addabbo Family Center received a $250,000 grant after suffering
          catastrophic damages caused by Hurricane Sandy to three of their community health
          centers, two in the Rockaways and one in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
          Nonprofit clinics and health centers are invited to apply for a grant from the Sandy
          Safety Net Fund, a charitable endeavor established in collaboration between Direct
          Relief and the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC). Applicants
          go through a vetting process and site visits to determine the need for the funds
          Contributions to this fund are restricted and used only on activities to assist
          communities affected by Hurricane Sandy as jointly determined by the two

Q 6:   Has your organization provided, or does it intend to provide, direct financial
          assistance to individuals, families or businesses for Hurricane Sandy relief?
          If so, what is the approximate dollar amount that your organization
          has provided to date and approximately how much direct financial assistance
          does it expect to provide in the future? How does your organization
          determine the need for assistance?

A 6:    No, Direct Relief has not and does not intend to provide direct financial assistance
          to individuals, families, or businesses.

Q 7:   Does your organization have a plan in place on how to use any surplus funds
          not spent for Hurricane Sandy relief? If so, please describe that plan.

A 7:    All funds raised for Hurricane Sandy relief will support organizations and health
          centers providing medical and health services to the affected populations.

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